Boxing is life...
Eriks Zvidris

Boxing in Jurmala for children and adolescents

Boxing in Jurmala – training for children from the age of 4. Our goal is to improve the physical condition of children and increase their psycho-emotional resilience, while bringing up a healthy, strong and extensively developed children/adolescents.

Boxing in Jurmala for adults

Boxing in Jurmala – for anyone who wants to sweat out or simply gain new skills. Cardio-boxing particularly suitable for ladies.

Boxing has been traditional sport in Jurmala City since 1956!

Boxing in Jurmala – for nearly 60 years the inhabitants of Jurmala have been enjoying this sport. Maybe you also want to give it a try.

It all started in 1956 in Sloka, when a boxing section was founded within the "Spike" (“Vārpa”) Sports Club; from this Jurmala Boxing School was born.